Black Beauty: His Grooms and Companions, the Autobiography of a Horses

Written in an 1877 novel by English author Anna Sewell whilst she was critically ill and bedridden, Black Beauty is a unique novel as it is written from the animals perspective. It is a story about animal welfare and teaches how to treat both animals and humans with kindness, sympathy and respect.

Black Beauty

Black Beauty

This novel is an autobiographical memoir of a horse named Black Beauty beginning with his carefree days with his mother as a foal on an English farm, to the hardships of pulling cabs in central London and finally to his happy retirement in the country.

Black Beauty encounters many situations of cruelty as well as kindness and in each chapter there is a life lesson that relates to kindness, sympathy and treatment of animals.

With detailed observations and extensive descriptions of horse behaviour this book was very influential in stopping cruel practices involving animals and led to the beginning of the animal welfare movement.

Not only a novel for children, this story makes us look at how we live and whom we inadvertently harm. A must read.

Jessica Millott

Jess is a talented and versatile actor whose narration of Black Beauty is sympathetic and amiable. She loves reading and Black Beauty is one of her favourite books from childhood.

"I had forgotten what a fantastic story Black Beauty is and I have so enjoyed reading it out loud. I just know that people are going to love it."

Jess Millott

Chapter One

Read by Jessica Millott

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